+ Di 24.01.2023, Berlin, Fraunhofer ENIQ, EUREF-Campus 23/24, 09:30 - 19:30 Uhr: Greenhouse Gas-Neutral Enterprises and Administrations - between Greenwashing and Green Transition +

On behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA), the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE organizes a conference at the Fraunhofer ENIQ in Berlin in January 2023. The conference aims at shedding light on the topic of greenhouse gas GHG-neutral enterprises and administrations and helps participants to distinguish between greenwashing and a sustainable green transition.

The first day of the conference starts with keynotes and speeches presenting the latest insights on the different concepts and perspectives of GHG-neutrality from science, climate policy and practice. The insights will be expanded in different parallel workshop sessions with deep dives into topics such as GHG-neutral buildings or procurement. The second day focuses on controlling and offsetting GHG emissions and how to detect and avoid the suspicion of greenwashing.

The event focuses on an interactive transfer of expertise by several parallel and open space sessions, high-level keynotes, panel discussions and networking with other stakeholders. It aims at mapping the dynamic field of GHG-neutrality and supports the sustainable transformation of organizations and enterprises.

The conference will be held in English.

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung

+ Di 24.01.2023, NRW.Energy4Climate, online, 14 - 14:45 Uhr: Planung und Sanierung von klimafreundlichen Quartieren - 1. Termin +

Web-Seminare KlimaQuartier.NRW: Planung und Sanierung von klimafreundlichen Quartieren - 1. Termin

Für Interessierte rund um das Thema klimafreundliche Gebäude und Quartiere in NRW bietet NRW.Energy4Climate ein umfangreiches Seminar-Angebot mit monatlichen Teilnahmemöglichkeiten an. Die Web-Seminare unterstützen (potenzielle) Bewerber:innen der Auszeichnung KlimaQuartier.NRW bei der Planung und Umsetzung ihrer Projekte.



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